Christmas Light Installation

***Brighten Your Holiday with X-Mas Lights***

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I have over seven years of residential and commercial Christmas Light Installation and I am electrician/handyman. I have many references from previous installations.

I have installed lights on homes that have won awards for their X-Mas lights, and homes that have been featured in popular magazines for their lights.


1 story home installations are $125-$150 for front eves only
(Sides and Back of house are $1.50 extra per foot)

2 story homes are $200 for front eves only
(Sides and Back of house are $1.50 extra per foot)

6-8 foot trees are $15-40 extra for each.
8-20ft. trees are $40-75 extra for each.

Most decorations/wreaths/etc. $10-$25 extra to install each.

Large Wreaths or Decorations $40+ extra to install each

Be sure to buy your Christmas Lights here.

We also have a REAL Bearded SANTA CLAUS, reindeer, snowman and elves for your Holiday Parties


Please Note: These prices include installation and take down. These Prices do not include lights. You can rent lights from us for half the cost of the lights which is usually $75-150 depending on size of house.

We provide cords unless you would like to use your own. We will come back to fix lights that go out, but there is a $20 fee to come out each time to cover gas and time.

We pay very close attention to detail so that very few cords show and I electrical tape all ground power cord connections. Very large houses, large trees, and large decorations are extra.



Call Us at (714) 514-5061.
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We have experience with the following types of Installations:

C9 and C7 Lights
Icicle Lights
Mini Lights
Colored Lights
LED Lights
Custom Lights
Roof Lights
Star Light
Reindeer Decorations
Outdoor X-Mas Decorations
Blow-up Decorations
Ground Lighting
Tree lights
Palm Tree Lights
Halloween Lights
Holiday Decorations
Interior Decorations
Home Light Installation
Business Light Installation