I love balloons. There are various different types of balloons that are used for different purposes. 360 and 180 balloon are typically used often for balloon twisting. Round balloons are usually used for balloon decorations like balloon arches, balloon columns, and balloon bouquets. You can intertwine round balloons in balloon twist sculptures and vice-versa. I can literally make anything out of a balloon.

There are keys and techniques one should use when handling balloons. Using different types of balloons for different purposes is essential as well as size and shape of the balloon. How you blow up the balloon and how much air you put into the balloon is important as well. Some people can blow up twisty long balloons with only their mouth while others need a pump to do so.

There are different themed and many different balloon sculptures and decorations that can be followed in the balloon world. We can follow a sesame street theme, a holiday theme, or a more specific theme like graduation or a character birthday theme.

You should never put a twisty balloon on grass or anything sharp or else it will more than likely POP!!! Nobody likes the sound of a balloon popping. It is so loud. I also suggest not to blow the balloon up too much and not too little, which you can tell by trial and error, balloon making books, and from watching videos on websites such as youtube.

I get my balloon usually from a wholesale balloon store called Mayflower balloons which is based out of garden grove. They have an excellent variety of balloons to choose from for all sorts of different occasions. I’m planning on providing educational and tutorial videos on youtube geared towards balloon making. I will link this blog to several videos on my youtube balloon channel.