Here at Party Animals, we don’t offer bounce house jumper rentals, but we usually refer people to a company that specializes in bounce houses which is boomer events. They have a wide array of bounce houses to choose from. He also offers a number of other party services as well.

From my experience, most generic bounce houses jumpers are cheaper than themed bounce houses. A lot of bounce house companies also offer things like chair, table, and company rentals.

Always be weary of children getting hurt or stuck in the bounce house. Occasionally, there might be too much of a load being run on the electrical circuit which can deflate the bounce house and cause one of the children to possibly get caught in the bounce house, GOD forbid.

There are many reasons as to why Party Animals is not in the bounce house business industry. Most of it is due to a high cost capital start up and a long time to get your money back on initial investment. There is also a lot of competition when it comes to bounce houses.