We can offer magic to any and almost all of our packages ONLY if requested. We usually provide basic magic tricks, but occasionally we can provide more elaborate tricks depending on what you are looking for. Depending on the size and age of your group, we can mold a magic routine that fits your needs. We usually offer 10-40 minute magic shows along with 30-50+ minutes of eiether games, face painting, and/or balloons. Most of our magicians are very experienced and have done countless magic shows.

We can offer specific tricks at times or even live animal tricks if requested at the time of booking. Specific trick requests and live animals often times require a higher than normal rate due to difficulty and the possible need for assistants and whatnot. We can also offer strolling magic.

I personally do a little bit of magic and I offer juggling along with my magic shows. Some of my tricks include the amazing light bulb, the needle through balloon, magic coloring book, color changing handkerchief, the magic block on a string, karate clip, disappearing cups, and more.

One of other magicians enjoys doing lots of magic tricks, and another one of our magicians prefers more illusion based tricks.

Good quality and long lasting magicians are hard to come by in the entertainment industry especially in Southern California. Many of these magicians charge companies like Party Animals quite high and are not always open to learning new tricks or adding to their repertoire or bag of tricks. The good magicians usually have their schedule booked often times months in advance or get a regular higher paying gig on down the road after working for you for so long.
What I love about magic and magicians in general is that most magic is quite easy to learn. There are magicians all over youtube displaying their tricks for the world to see and learn. There are even professional magician T.V. shows that expose all of the real tricks of magicians yet it seems people love the thrill of the illusion even if they know how it is done. The old magician's motto of not revealing the trick seems to have gone out the window due to the advent of the Information Age. It seems though that some magician's are still trying to outdo themselves and trying to create a new age of magic like Criss Angel.