Some people prefer the white face traditional clown over the non-threatening clown. Most people prefer the non-threatening clown as opposed to the traditional clown. The main difference between the two is that the traditional clown has no white make-up while the non-threatening clown does not have white make-up. Many studies have been done that show that many kids are terrified of clowns, and especially traditional clowns. Movies like the “IT” have created somewhat of a stigma towards clowns. Not all clowns are scary, though, in fact, most are fun and playful. You can choose between having a female or a male clown or no preference. A lot of clients seem to prefer a female over a male clown. I think this usually stems from a stigma that most people have when it comes to different sexes in general.

We have several different clown outfits. All of them are very colorful. Sometimes we can have the clown costume geared towards a certain theme or color theme. The clown wears the silly outfit, a colorful wig, a painted red nose, and usually big red shoes. Usually the clown routine starts off with face painting and balloon animals, and then goes into games. You can request magic when you book your event.

You can book a clown from 1/2hr to 5hrs.+. Clowns are available at any time and any day of the week. Contact us here to book one of our clown packages today.