Here at Party Animals, we always use non-toxic face paints. We usually use the Mehron Brand face paints, but we use other brands as well. We offer basic face painting which usually includes cheek art such as snakes, spiders, etc. for boys and flowers, butterflies, rainbows, stars, and hearts for girls. You can ask for something out of the ordinary or difficult and we can try to face paint what you want to the best of our ability.

We also offer full face painting which covers about 50% of your face. Both children and adults are welcome to get their face painted. We can also provide face paint design on different parts of your body such as your hand, arm, neck, etc. Full face painting usually includes more complicated and complex designs.

Don’t use certain colors such as red around the eyes. Some peoples faces can’t handle full face painting.

The best way to get off most face paints is with either water and/or make-up remover. I usually don’t suggest sleeping with face paint on because the face paint might ruin your child’s bedding or your bedding. Here at Party Animals, we have several professional face painters. We always need at least 2 chairs to do face painting properly, and preferably a third chair or table to put the face painters supplies on. Sometimes face painters already have water and napkins or paper towel to change the colors of the face paints, but it is advisable to being prepared with those items in case the face painter needs them.

There are various different techniques for face painting such as using layers, using sponges, and using different sized brushes, and different kinds of brushes. Most face paints take anyhwere from about 30 second to 5 minutes+ to finish. It is best to have an idea of what you want face painted before you get to the front of the line. We usually provide a mirror so that you can see your face paint after it is finished.