We have great ideas for Weddings, Valentine’s Day, and Baby Showers that can help make your event stand out from the rest.

pasted-graphicflower-3-2 The Bride and Groom balloon sculpture on their honeymoon

Valentine’s Day Balloons

We offer the Following:

One set of Bride and Groom 18” high Balloon $75

One set of Bride and Groom 5ft. high Balloon $75-$125

Wedding Balloon Column w/mylar balloon $50

One Balloon Spaced Heart Arch $50

Standard One Balloon Spaced Wedding Arch $50

4 Balloon Wedding Spiral Arch $100-$150

4 Balloon Wedding Heart Arch $100-$150

3 Helium Balloon Wedding Centerpiece $3

The price for Balloon arches and Balloon columns is approximately $1 per latex 11” balloon. The minimum is $50. We also offer multi color arches and balloon columns.

Alternate #: (714) 514-5061