We offer many types of balloons such as specialty balloons, balloon arches, balloon columns, and more. We can also make any custom balloon so just ask us what you’re looking for and we’ll make it out of balloons.

Specialty Balloon Rates:
1hr. $120
1 1/2hr. $170
2hrs. $220


Monsters and X-Mas Wreath

Pasted Graphic 4Pasted Graphic 3

Ninja Turtles and Popeye

Pasted Graphic 5hulk

Dora/Boots, Hulk


Iron Man and Airplane


Snake and Skull


Spaceship and Motorcycle


Scorpion and Punisher



Small Specialty Balloons $5 each
Medium-Large Specialty Balloons $10 each
Full Size Specialty Balloons $40-$80 each

Most specialty balloons can be requested to be made at parties. You can also buy one or more of our specialty balloons by themselves. Specialty Balloons can be made small, medium, or large, and are often used as center pieces or party favors. We can also make large specialty balloons that can greet your visitors as they enter your event.

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