Party Services We Don't Offer

This blog is meant to notify our clients of what services that may be related to children entertainment, but services that we don’t actually offer.

We don't offer things like a pet party, zoo parties, or petting zoo parties because we don't have live animals. As much as Party Animals would love to make those an addition to our services, at this time, it is not feasible. The cost and insurance liability with live animals is actually quite high.

There are places like California Pets in the city of Orange that offer these services. You can always hire a Pony ride company or a petting zoo company to offer you these services. Party Animals has worked along side of these companies on a number of different occasions.

You can always watch things like animal planet to help bring you closer to the animal world during your party or event. It could help set the mood of your party. You could even buy some animal planet episodes or DVDs and show them during your pet party. You could play animal sounds with CDs like these.

We don't offer things like a party bus but we bet a lot of the time people may associate our Party Animal name to a party bus company. One time I dressed up as a mouse and partied inside a party bus for Party Animals. I didn't really party but I did pick up some kids on their way to a famous amusement park. My friend once talked about trying to get a party bus but I believe there is too much competition among other things involved with that type of business for Party Animals to get into. We also don't offer a kids party bus which I am assuming would be like a video game bus. I have seen those at many parties we do, and I think they are awesome. Any quality positive entertainment for kids is cool in my book. Although, I'm not sure if a kids party bus full of kids playing violent video games is very positive.

We also don't offer jumpers for rent, but we refer people to companies like boomer events for rentals like that. Party Animals is thinking about getting into the canopy rentals business but is not currently there yet. The only party rentals orange we offer are costume rentals.