Most people have their event or party on the weekend for various reasons, and more specifically on Saturday between the hours of 12-6pm. The great thing about having a party on the weekend is that you are much more likely to have more attendees at your party because less people work on the weekend than during the week. One downside is that your time slot might be overbooked because so many people lover that 12-6pm slot, so this means that we might not be able to squeeze you into the schedule. Usually we are able to squeeze you through even when we have a tight schedule because that’s the philosophy of Party Animals. Some parks, gymborees, restaurants, and clubhouses also have slots booked way in advance for weekend parties as well. Some of these locations might not even have availability or even be open to party functions during the week. There is usually less traffic to have to deal with when it comes to weekend parties than weekday parties. That is something a lot of people don’t take into consideration

An advantage to a weekday party is you can currently get $10 off your party package. Another advantage is that you free up your weekend for other events that you can do with your family that relate to your child’s birthday such as going on a vacation or going to Disneyland which I know a lot of past Party Animals clients’ have done. The quality of the party should be no different whether it is on the weekend or on a weekday.