Location, Location, Location

Lots of people prefer having their party at a park or their home, or a close relatives home. You need to usually reserve spots at most parks, especially regional parks ahead of time. Some people have been known to have to show up hours before the start of the party just to reserve a spot at busy parks or spots. Some disadvantages to a park setting is that you may have to spend more money setting up than if you had the event or party at your home. Regional parks and some other parks have fees involved in reserving spots. Another disadvantage is usually parks have playground were others go to because it is a public park. Some of the non-guest kids might want to join in on the fun and entertainment that you hired through Party Animals. This may conflict with the amount of time that you hired us for, and we won’t have absolute control of turning down other children at public parks. This is just something to be aware of.

Parking is usually not a problem at most parks like it can be at certain housing neighborhoods. The worst thing is to not have enough parking for your guests and they have to park really far away just to get to your home, event, or party. It is something to think about. It may even turn some of your guests away from going especially if they can’t find a spot to park. The size of the party is not usually a problem with parks, and there is usually a lot of room for moon bounce houses.

The great thing about having your party at home is the convenance factor. A bad thing is that there may be limited space inside or outside for your guests to park. You can control where guests are able to go to in your house. You have the convenance of things like a fridge, freezer, electricity, bathroom, and more close at hand. Another great thing about having a home party is if you have a pool, because it’s an excellent way for your party goers to have some added fun.

Restaurants and clubhouses are very similar. The main problem with a clubhouse is usually you have to be a member of the housing development to rent the clubhouse for the day, and it usually costs a couple of bucks to rent it for a few hours. You usually have to pay to rent a party space at a restaurant as well. You are limited to the type of food for your guests at restaurant locations because you have just one menu to choose from. I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to run buffets at restaurants which has its positives and negatives as well. Usually it is very difficult to set up a moon bounce house at clubhouses or restaurants because there just is no room for them. Another problem I have found at most restaurants is finding an area big enough to play the games and activities because usually most restaurants utilize all the space they have within their restaurant. A good way to mitigate that problem is moving tables and/or chairs around to make room for the activities.

Gymboree or play centers is sometimes a fantastic place especially for 1/2hr. appearances. Sometimes children are more focused on the play zone area than they are the character in gymboree type settings. Sometimes there are strange rules inside gymborees’ or preschools such as no balloons or face painting allowed. Some of them also require paper work such as liability insurance.

You have to be sure to plan your party around your location. Once you do that, then you are golden. Some locations like regional parks require vendors to have liability, and you also have to deal with you and and your guests having to pay per car to get in.

There are travel fees to certain cities mostly on the outskirts of RIverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties. If you want to know specific fees please contact us at (714) 514-5061.