Size of Party

It is important to plan your party ahead of time and send invitations out, and find out how many people you are expecting at your event. When you reserve your party, one of the questions we ask is how many kids you are expecting. This is good to know so that the performer is prepared for that number of children. More or less supplies may be needed depending on how many kids are at the party. Sometimes parents and adults get involved with the various activities we provide at the party such as the games, balloon animals, and face painting which is fantastic. It is a really rewarding experience to enjoy and join in on the fun while the character is at the party. It makes the experience all that more memorable.

Usually when there are five or less kids expected at your party, I suggest going with the 1/2hr. package, 5-15 kids the one hour package, 15-25 kids the 1 1/2hr. package, and 2hr.s package for 25+ kids. Remember that we do everything in our power to get everything but we don’t guarantee that everything or all activities will get done at every party. There are many factors that deter us from getting everything done at every party such as some children wanting to have more complicated face paint designs or more complicated balloon sculpture designs. Also, some children enjoy playing games much more so than others so with those kids we try to focus more on the games. Every party is different which is why the performer molds and customizes the structure of the party revolved around the children.

We can accommodate about any size party whether it is a small private party or a huge corporate event. When we call the night before or morning of to confirm all the information for your event, please notify the performer of any changes to the party including amount of kids expected, change of location, or any other pertinent information that you think the performer may need to know.

Provide Entertainer with...

A large grassy area is preferred in order to give enough space to play activities. The size of a large vehicle is about what we need. If you can’t provide a large vehicle area outside then please make room in your living room or another area. Another thing that is good to provide is water. Water can be used to change face paint colors and to hydrate the performer when it’s really hot outside, like in the summer. Food is always welcome usually after all the activities have been provided or at the end of the time slot is usually when we suggest for you to offer food. A chair and table is also good to provide for face painting services. Music is something we used to provide but do not provide anymore. We can usually provide a themed music cd if requested when you book your event, but you must provide the cd player. Music is a great way to get the party going and it can make the character party experience all that much better. Many Party Animals clients in the past have hired DJs or they have their own system set up such as through an iphone dock, etc.

I usually suggest at least one 5-15 minute break in between any parties where the duration is 2+ hours. This break can be used for the performer to hydrate, go to the restroom, and/or cool down.